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If you need to know your first name in Thai, just for curiousity, to impress your thai friends, for a tattoo or any other reasons just enter your first name below.

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  • The first name translation is just a phonetic transcription of the name in Thai and there may different several possible thai translation for the same foreign name
  • If your name is not in the list and it is not a common English or French name, then please explain how to pronounce it in your email or attach an audio file (wav, mp3..) to show how to pronounce it in your mother tongue
  • This tool will not translate your surname / family name
  • The thai romanization of the translation follows the Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS)
  • The wave file is generated from the thai text to speech program from NECTEC. This is still experimental so some names might not be pronounced correctly. Names like Alexander or Johnny have a fairly accurate (although slighty robotic) Thai pronouciation.
  • NEW:You can now get your name in Chinese (Mandarin pronunciation)

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