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If you need to know your first name in Chinese, just for curiousity, to impress your Chinese friends, for a tattoo or any other reasons just enter your first name below.

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  • The first name translation is just a phonetic transcription of the name in Chinese and there may different several possible thai translation for the same foreign name
  • The first names are tranliterated into simplified Chinese
  • This tool will not translate your surname / family name
  • For more information on how pinyin works, please see Wikipedia Pinyin page. The accent on top of the vowels corresponds to the tones in Chinese as described in the "Tones" section of the wikipedia link.
  • You can also get your name in Thai

    Looking for the translation of a Chinese word? Please feel free to check our Chinese English Dictionary and you'll get the English and Pinyin (Transliteration) of the word. You'll also be able to suggest a term if it is missing.

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