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Translation books for freelancers. - Top

The two books below - The Translator Handbook and How to suceed as a Freelance Translator - provide an amazing amount of useful information for both the novice and experienced freelancers.

Thai translation tools and ressources - Top

English-Thai Oxford Dictionary is a necessity.
Lingvosoft Thai <-> English translation software and dictionaries are useful software to complement the Oxford dictionary.
Ectaco Thai- English Electronic Dictionaries can be handy if you are often on the move.

Thai English translation software Thai English electronics dictionaries

Lexitron - English <->Thai dictionary is a dictionary that can downloaded free of charge. Lexitron runs under Windows
Parsit - Free Thai translation (website) - Free online text and website English to Thai machine translator.
English - Thai Dictionary - Collaborative English <-> Thai dictionary
Free Thai translation - made by human translators in our forum.
Google Thai to English - Google translates from Thai to English
Google English to Thai - Google translates from English to Thai

English language tools and ressources - Top

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