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Manulife (International) Limited  / Hong Kong

English to Thai Translation "Letter Announcement Manulife "

Oxford Translation Limited / Hong Kong

English to Thai translation “Customs and Excise Department, Notice to person in custody, Notice to person whose interview has been video recorded, Post Recorded Inspector, Court case...”.
English & Thai legal video trancription "Immigration video interview"

MultiLinguist  MultiLinguist / India

English to Thai Translation, Proofreading "Bottom for RECALL website", "The world's leading lift door for Memco Co. Ltd.", "Inspection Food Safety"...

Integrolanguages / CY - Limassol.

English to Thai translation “Translation Requests Survey”.

EMERZE Translation / India. 

English to Thai Proofreading "Birth Certificate and House Register".

Academy Translation / China.

English to Thai Translations and Proofreading "User manual for DVD, MP3, Letter for introduction company".

Gyeong National University / South Korea.

English to Thai Translation "Film script for Volvo S80".  

Global Expert Solutions / Malaysia.

English to Thai Proofreading "Tyre campaign for car commercial".  

Tranwise / USA.

English to Thai Translation and proofreading "Customer Satisfaction Survey 2006".  

Orinoco Crane System / Hong Kong.

English <-> Thai Translation "Business letter" 

Godis International Consultant Center / China.

English <-> Thai Translation and Proofreading "Game Player of Smart Tetris, Hungry Snake, Box Move" and User Manual;.

Intervoices Communicacao Global. / Brazil.

"Voice Recording MP3-Wave Sound - Numbers and Nouns in Thai".

All Global Solutions International, Inc. / USA.

English <-> Thai Translations *"Chocolate Graphics Brochure",*"Royal Thai Police Consent".

A Worldwide Translation Trade Co, Ltd., / USA.

English to Thai Translations *"Message of June 25, 2006",*"Message of July 25, 2006".

Obed Ortiz Translation / USA

English to Thai Translation and proofreading "Royal_Thai_Rotary_108"

OCE Translation

English to Thai Translation "Business English-Nult".

Crystal Hues Limited / India

English to Thai Proofreading "Bottle label for medicine", "English Letter", "Private Letter". English to Thai Translation "Letter from Adoption Team"

Local Tran / China

English to Thai Translation "Delaval mobile milking unit - Carrello", "Yarn guides Karl Mayer".

Christ Translation Service Company / Hong Kong.

English to Thai Translation “Driving License”, “Script Drama - Hom Rong” 

Language Market Place / USA.

English to Thai Translation “Letter-International for Saxon Motorcycle Company".

Bowwin Translation / Hong Kong

Chinese to Thai translation  "Management estate notice".

Sanook Guesthouse / Thailand.

Taught Thai language for foreigners and English for Thai students, English <-> Thai Translations

Certified Translation / USA

Thai to English translatation “Name change certificate”

Equity Group / Hong Kong.

English to Thai translation “Information Sheet Suspected Avian Influenza cases. Marriage Certificate...”

CNX Translation - Goodyear
 Goodyear / Thailand

English to Thai translations - Service center program manuals

Diners Professional Translation Service
 Diners Professional Translation Service / Hong Kong

English to Thai and Thai to English translations “Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Death & Request for appointment as the administrator, Divorce petition, Certificate Incorporate, Exhibit_TNP, Declaration for Divorce petition, Power of attorney, Bank Statement...”.
Statutory declarations & affidavits in Hong Kong

Prolink International Translation Service Ltd.  Prolink International Translation Service Ltd. / Hong Kong.

English to Thai Translation. *"Hunting World-Live the Adventure", *"HSBC Banking Holding Statement, Acknowledgement, Change of unit holder, Registered Detail, Contract". *"A Share Commitment".

X Lingo2Lingo / USA

English to Thai Translation "Training Manual "

X Shenzhen Good Translation / China

English to Thai Translations and Proofreading "User manual for DVD, MP3" etc...

Jai Translation / India.

English to Thai Translation and Proofreading  "Sale letter, Private document" etc...

Primatrans  Translation / United Kingdom.

English to Thai Translation "Divorce Certificate"

Wav Audio / USA.

English to Thai Translation "Website car script".  

Accurate Translations Ltd. / Canada.

English to Thai Translation "Free English Classes For Immigrants" 

LinguaIT / India.

English to Thai Translation "Flyer Series...HELUTEC Cables, Wires and Accessories"

 Amily Best Translations Co.Ltd. / China.

English to Thai Translation "Legal agreement"

Good Enterprise Shenzhen Ltd. / China.

English to Thai Translation "Manual Guide for DVD, MP3" etc...

Intervoice Communicacao Global / Brazil

Voice recording "Numbers and Nouns" in Thai

CLS Communication (Shanghai) Co Ltd. / China

English to Thai Translation "Thai Sentence for tattoo"

Lingua Vox / Spain

English to Thai Translation "pharmaceutical patents".

Omni Intercommunications Inc. / USA

Voice over record "Record narrator...Act with integrity" in Thai

Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd / Singapore

English to Thai Proofreading "Warranty Card".

Fontage (Language Solutions and International Services) / India

English to Thai Translation "UAE Exchange banking".

UG World Technologies Inc / China

English to Thai Translation and Proofreading "DKSH Worldwide"

Half-X / Singapore

English to Thai Translation  “Goodrich Website" & "Courier FedEx Dialogue Audio”

Footeprint Communications / Canada

English to Thai Translation "Thai Menu" 

STS Global / Korea

English to Thai Translation "Photo development in Digital Camera _ Digi-Cute"

Omnibus Global Translations, LCC / USA.

Thai to English Translation “Birth Certificate”

MytechLogic / USA

English to Thai website translation.

Clients worldwide, etc.

Translation of business cards, private letters, contracts, e-mails, prenuptial agreement, websites , consecutive interpretation over Skype etc...

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