Desktop Publishing (DTP) in Thai

CNX Translation offers Desktop Publishing (DTP) services for documents / brochures written in Thai language.

Thai language has its specificities which makes it difficult or impossible for non-Thai reader to do desktop publishing in Thai. The most obvious difficulty being that there is no easy way to see word breaks in Thai, as there are no space between words (spaces actually mark the end of sentences). The problem is represented below using English sentences for an easier understanding.

Difference between Thai DTP performed by a graphic designer who can read Thai and the one who does not

That is why we only recommend that you let brochures in Thai designed by professional graphic designers who are native Thai speakers/readers, they will get your design right and on-time and avoid you potential embarrassment.

Some companies or customers still prefer using the same graphic designer they hired for non-complex languages such as English or French. While this can be done using the services of a Thai proofreader, proceeding that way generally takes much longer as the document must go though multiple checks as fixing the word break for an line may affect the other line. Your design may also be delayed further if the graphic designer and proofreading live in different time zones.

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