Religious document translation: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam

We are sometimes asked to provides translation concerning religions such as documents related to Buddhism, Christianity (e.g. message for mass, songs..) or Islam.
CNX Translation team is composed of translators of various religions, we even have one of our translator graduated with a PhD in theology.

Translating religious documents is not a simple task as it requires specific vocabulary, understanding (or even practice) of the religion and should only be translated by translators with great knowledge of the target language and the religion dealt with.

Lots of resources are available online both in Thai and English about Religion. We compiled some interesting links for you:


There is no particular book Buddha followers refer to, that would be equivalent to the Bible for Christians or the Quran for Muslims. So we've added some links which explain the ways and history of Buddha.

History of Buddha in Thai.
History of Buddha in English.

Buddhism for beginners.


The Bible in Thai (Old and New Testament)
The Bible in English


Quran in Thai
Quran in English

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